Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation occurs when one takes legal action regarding business transactions. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the main authority that governs business and commercial transaction, and it is important for commercial litigation attorneys to have in-depth knowledge of the UCC. With over two decades of experience in commercial litigation, the Law Office of Marc M. Coupey, PLLC has a high understanding of the UCC and its applications.

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Corporate Disputes

Small business owners often face unexpected legal issues. When a vendor reneges on a contract, it can cost you not only money, but credibility as well. Marc M. Coupey understands the unique challenges facing small business owners all over New York and when you cannot settle a dispute with another party, we know you need to work with a small business litigation attorney.

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Real Estate Litigation

The issues surrounding real estate litigation often encompass a broad range of legal topics and conflicts. This is because real estate transactions are complicated interactions that involve different laws, policies and legal rights. The intent of real estate litigation is to resolve the disputes using the court mechanisms and procedures. Generally, a real estate lawsuits will conclude with damages being awarded from one party to the other. One of the main subjects of dispute in real estate is the contract. It’s the real estate contract that governs the conditions and terms of the sale of the property and its transfer of title. This is why Marc M. Coupey draws up clearly written real estate contracts. It avoids potential real estate disputes down the road.

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